This is a guest post from Graham Honeycutt. Graham is a husband, father, and all around great guy. You can connect with him on his blog over at Dandy Walker Ranger.

I have a daughter named Mikayla.  This in itself is nothing novel, as I am sure many of you have children of your own.  Mikayla is a child with special needs.  I never introduce her that way, because she is a child first.  She is my daughter first, and we don’t let her special needs define who she is.  I have a number of friends that will often say I couldn’t handle having a child with special needs.  My question to them and to you is why are you limiting yourself?  Do you believe that your love has limits when it comes to your children?  Is Mikayla less of a person not worthy of love? 

The answer to this is always a resounding no.  So why do we limit ourselves?  I know it comes from a place of fear, and at times it can be difficult to break free from this place.  I am a here to tell you that God can turn your greatest fears into your biggest blessings.  I still remember the first time we learned of Mikayla’s diagnosis in the womb.  I remember the doctor’s words that Mikayla has a rare congenital brain malformation called Dandy Walker Syndrome and all the possible scenarios.  I felt like I was in one of those war movies where the bomb goes off, and all you hear is ringing in your ears for what seemed like minutes.  I was terrified. However, the one thing my wife and I knew beyond conviction was that we were going to say “yes” to her life no matter what. 

Mikayla is almost two years old now, and I can’t imagine my life without her.  She has brought so much joy to our lives, and she is such a blessing to us.  I am thankful everyday that we said yes to her life, and I believe you would be surprised at what you can handle.  In fact, she said her first word this week at her daycare.  She looked at one of her teachers at school and with a slight wave she said “hi”.  This may not sound like a big deal to you, but this was major news in our household.  Hours of work went into this simple part of her development.  Work that, at times, you don’t know will ever come to fruition.  The work is a labor of love, and shows you the rewards of perseverance.

So my challenge to all of you is to love without limits, and don’t let fear get in the way of having great relationships with those important people in your life.

What in your life could you accomplish by loving without limits and some extra perseverance?  Could you lose those extra few pounds?  Write that book or start that business you have been dreaming about?  Or have more fulfilling relationships with your family and friends?

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