Welcome to the brand new format of the Extraordinary Family Show!  We are now coming to you 3 x per week – bringing you a dose of encouragement and empowering you to embrace the extraordinary.

On today’s episode I finish unpacking what exactly makes a family extraordinary – the 4 pillars of an Extraordinary Family.  Stay tuned to the show this week as I will finally unveil the official Extraordinary Family Project Manifesto!

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In This Episode:

  • Pillar #4 of an Extraordinary Family – Lifestyle of Relationships, Values, and Passions
    • We believe our lifestyle should be built around our values, relationships with one another, and our passions – NOT whatever is trendy or popular at the time.
    • In the end, when we reach our final destination, what will be more important – how much stuff we acquired? Or how many people we loved? Relationships are more important than things.
    • We believe in clearly defining our family values and family purpose – we begin with the end in mind. This allows us to avoid constant exhaustion, insanity, and overwhelm. And it allows us to replace those with balance, encouragement, transparency, and love for one another.

If you missed the previous 3 episodes covering Pillars 1-3, click here to visit the show archives and listen to past episodes.

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