Thinking About Homeschooling? [Definitive Guide]

January is always the time of the year when I start perusing the oh-so-many homeschool curriculum offerings that are out there for our next school year.  Every year it’s the same.  I get comfortable with what we are doing and get a little antsy to plan ahead…..because I am a planner and that’s what we do.  PLAN. It is […]

#015: Unschooling & More – An Interview With Ashley and Nathan Logsdon

Unschooling, blending work with life, and much more – you don’t want to miss this week’s interview with Ashley and Nathan Logsdon! Listen To The Show Reading this in your email or RSS Reader? Click here to listen to the show. In This Episode: An interview with a very dynamic couple – Ashley & Nathan Logsdon […]

The Reluctant Homeschool Teacher

Some people when considering homeschooling are open, intrigued even. Some are ambivalent or indifferent. Some are adamantly opposed. I used to be in that last group. When I met my husband, I was on year 3 of being a public school teacher. It was my “mission field.” I was sure that this was the place […]

Introducing An Exciting New Voice on – Mrs. Beki Miller!

The last few months have been exciting and eye-opening for me as I’ve taken the time to re-focus and craft a clear vision for the direction I am taking this blog moving forward (thanks in large part to your extremely useful feedback!) Yesterday marked the launch of our brand new online radio show – The […]