Fed Up With Ordinary? It’s Not Too Late To Embrace the Extraordinary!

  • Are you burned out on self-help and “feel good” blogs that provide only surface-level solutions to life’s most important issues?
  • Do you waste hours searching around the web looking for the latest tips/tricks/secrets to leading your family and teaching your kids life’s most important lessons?
  • Are you tired of the same old conventional wisdom about how an “ordinary” family should look like and act?

Forget ordinary – are you ready to build an extraordinary foundation for your family to stand on? 

Good news friend – you’re not alone – and you can begin your pursuit of the extraordinary right now. I found myself answering “yes” to all of these questions and more, so I decided to do something about it. I’m ditching “conventional” living for something much more exciting, and much more rewarding…

“Normal” just isn’t working anymore… it’s time to pursue the unconventional – the extraordinary – to unlock a meaningful life and legacy-minded family…

I’m Mike Skiff – and while this is my personal blog, my sole focus is to provide a ton of practical content to help you.  After spending the past 11 years as a husband, father of 5, a friend, and commissioned officer in the US Army, I’m sharing what I’ve discovered through the important and exciting life lessons I’ve been blessed enough to experience.

Most importantly, my purpose here is to help extraordinary parents like you (yes, you can be extraordinary!) lead with purpose, serve with significance, and parent with passion, empowering you to leave an exciting and extraordinary legacy for generations to come!

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Who I am:

First things first – priorities: I am a man of faith, family, and service to others (in that order).  I am a writer, a speaker, and a coach – dedicated to serving and helping others.

[featured-image single_newwindow=”false”]Me & my family – I’m a blessed man thanks to my beautiful bride Malynda and my three boys (including Hudson, who is in Heaven) and one little girl.[/featured-image]

What I do:

  • Parenting and Family Life Coaching.  I work directly with extraordinary parents like you to help you break free from the ordinary and lead an exciting adventure for your family, leaving an extraordinary legacy for generations to come.  I write, teach and coach in areas directly related to the topics on this blog, and also offer intensive, in-depth one-on-one and group coaching.
  • Communicating & Storytelling. I inspire, encourage, and add value to your life through my writing and teaching on this blog, and through the resources I offer via my videos, my podcast, eBooks, online courses, and more. I am also a keynote speaker – you can shoot me an email to check my availability here.

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[endorsement cite=”Rob Yost” byline=”Colonel, US Army”]I worked with Mike for over two years – the majority of that time in combat – he never wasted my time with what he had to say… I relied on his council daily and trust him implicitly.[/endorsement] [endorsement cite=”Mike McTigue” byline=”Phoenix, Arizona”]Mike Skiff is one of the rare ones – an absolute excellent, relevant, articulate communicator. He is a truly gifted role model who never shies away from teaching the truth, but does so with humility.[/endorsement]

I typically post once or twice per week – sometimes more, but rarely less.  I tend to keep things focused on the following subject areas, but reserve the right to venture off-topic from time to time – as long as it’s interesting and useful to you:

  • In OpenMike I post about faith, my family adventures, homeschooling, relationships, fitness/wellness, productivity/time-management, and exciting hobbies.
  • In Extraordinary Family I post about the meaning and importance of marriage, as well as advice on keeping things fresh and healthy.  I also share lessons-learned as a father, and advice on how to build a lasting legacy for generations to come.
  • In Homeschool I feature a few extraordinary guest contributors as we write about one of my passions in life – teaching and equipping the next generation of leaders to lead an extraordinary life (most especially our kids!)  And the topics are about much more than homeschooling – we dive into childhood development and learning and the intangible skills that traditional school can’t teach – skills only parents can pass along to our children.
  • In Work I post about career fulfillment and adventures in finding meaningful work in today’s ever-changing employment environment.
[endorsement cite=”Rebecca Butcher – Chapin, SC” byline=”Founder, Annabelle’s Baskets”]Mike’s ability to speak to the heart continues to amaze me. He writes beautifully, and speaks with authority. After all, he’s walked the walk – he just gets it.[/endorsement] [endorsement cite=”Sara Jackets” byline=”Afghanistan”]Mike’s writing is so wonderful to read! I’m thankful for his faith and his ability to express himself from the heart. I have learned so much![/endorsement]

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How to Connect With Me

This is my home base – you can count on connecting with me on this site. Send me an email to reach out and you can expect a prompt response. You can also find me on the following social networks:

I would love to hear from you and would love to hear your story. Send me an email if you feel I can be helpful in any way.  If you have a specific question you want to ask me about something I’ve written or talked about on this blog, send me an email directly to ask@mikeskiff.com 

For a more detailed overview of my background and bio, keep reading… or, just watch this video!

Detailed Bio – My Life Story (So Far…)

Check out this video to learn all about where I’m coming from – or you can just read all about it below the video…

I was born a month early in a small Navy town in Washington State to a Canadian immigrant and a Navy brat.

My time growing up in a small Navy town taught me a lot of what I know today about hard work, honoring your word, living with integrity, and being a responsible, contributing leader in the community. I also learned early on that you had to earn everything – and the harder you work, the greater the rewards.

Not too long after that I learned about an important balancing act in life – taking risks vs. taking the “safe” option…

As I continued to “grow up” I began to take a few risks… Freshman year of high school I signed up for the Cross Country team and Wrestling teams (and had a blast… even though I wasn’t that great at either…) And in my senior year I took a major leap by running for, and being elected Student Body President (where, coincidentally I learned a lot about leadership at a young age).

When it came time to go to college, I picked the “safe” school (but in hindsight, I have no regrets about this). I arrived at my University with no specific goals and no clear direction… but it didn’t take long for me to choose a major (Political Science) and figure out a solid degree path.

Then one day, early on in my freshman year, my roommate and I heard a loud and boisterous voice in the hallway of our dorm. We peeked out our door to find a young man decked out in Army fatigues and a whole bunch of Army gear… he was ranting and raving about the Field Exercise he had just attended with the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program. And he managed to convince my roommate and I to go check them out to see what they were all about.

So a few days later we did. And a few weeks after that, we both took a major risk (which would turn out to be one of the best decisions of my life) and found ourselves signing on the dotted line to become future officers in the United States Army (Hooah!!)

Not too long after this I took another major risk by pursuing, and ultimately proposing to the cute young blonde who sold me my textbooks at the University Bookstore. I didn’t know it yet, but I was about to embark on an exciting journey with the girl of my dreams, and her and I were about to experience an adventure beyond our wildest imaginations (one that continues to this day!)

Fast forward a few years and I graduated Cum Laude and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Adjutant General’s Corps of the US Army (translation: Human Resources Officer).

My new bride and I set out on our journey and arrived at our first duty station in Fort Lewis, WA (our home state!!) where I encountered a few leaders who left a profound and lasting impact on both my professional and personal development. It was here where I first began to learn about the importance of teaching, coaching, and mentoring others.

A few months after arriving in Washington, we welcomed our first child (a boy!) into the world – we were absolutely thrilled about being parents (and truthfully, we were hooked…)

Not much more than a year later, I found myself in the middle of the dry, barren desert of Iraq participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom (where I would remain for the next 15 months…) There was a new crop of leadership in my unit, and two leaders in particular would leave a critical imprint on my development as a leader and as a person. Again, the importance of teaching, coaching, and mentoring was reinforced through their mentorship.

When I returned from Iraq I was hand-picked to go teach at the school where brand new officers in my branch of the Army (Human Resources) learn the basic skills they need to succeed. I was thrust into a position where I was applying the teach, coach, and mentor philosophy to the next generation of leaders on a daily basis. Apparently I did an alright job – I was hand-selected to teach my peers in the more advanced course after that.

And then, something happened that changed everything – something truly life-altering. My second son was born with a severe congenital heart defect. After four months with us, his heart failed… and he died.

Everything changed for me in that moment – and suddenly, when faced with tragedy, I came to a striking realization about work and about life… I’ll share that realization in a moment.

I moved on to a few other nominative, prestigious jobs in the Army and continued to learn the importance of teaching, coaching, mentoring, and leading the next generation of leaders. My bride and I welcomed a few more healthy children into our family along the way.

But deep down I felt a nagging sensation that there was something bigger out there… something different. I had a strong desire to take the valuable leadership lessons learned – the skills, attributes, and values developed during my 11 years as an Officer in the Army – and apply them toward something different.

After agonizing over this for days/weeks/months/years, I finally decided to take another risk – to make the leap and pursue my dreams (many of which you get to watch unfold right here on this site).

So what was it that pushed me over the edge? What gave me the courage to step outside my comfort zone – to leave the safety and security I had in my career as an Army Officer?

Two things:

  1. The priceless leadership lessons, skills, abilities, and values learned from the leaders who poured into my life.
  2. The striking realization I came to about work and life after my son died that I referred to a moment ago.

The realization that when it comes to your job/career/profession, what you do is really not that important… So what is important?

What’s truly important is who you are.

How can you best contribute and pour into the lives of others – how do you want to be remembered. To be true to yourself – to your unique, God-given talents – that’s what leads to genuine authenticity.

Who you are is much more important than what you do.

So then – who am I?

I am committed to my faith, familycoaching, teaching, and service to others. As a seasoned husband, father, and leader, my focus is to help extraordinary parents like you lead with purpose, serve with significance, and parent with passion, empowering you to leave an exciting and extraordinary legacy for generations to come!

And none of it would be any fun at all without the most important people in my life – my beautiful bride of 11 years, Malynda, my two sons Conner and Judah, my princess Savannah-Grace, and my gorgeous China Doll across the world, Adalae-Love (I’m coming for you sweetheart – daddy will be there to bring you home soon!)

Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock -Matthew 7:24-25, The Bible

Thanks so much for reading my story. I feel honored and blessed that you stuck around long enough to get to the end.

I’d be tickled (as they say in the South) to get to know you a little better – want to stick around and stay connected? It’s super easy (and there are a few free gifts I’d like to give you in the process) – just sign up right here to stay in the loop and get my blog posts delivered directly to your email inbox.

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